What the parents are saying:

“Jocassee Wild Child is a fun, interactive adventure for kids of all ages! Both of my girls, ages 4 and 9, had an exciting day full of boat riding, exploring on an island, playing games, learning about geology, Native American history, swimming and making new friends. It’s an experience that you won’t forget and something you will want to do again! We can’t wait to sign up for the next one!” Beth Davis

"I’m Dana Turner and I have 3 boys. We went on one of the adventures with the Jocassee Wild Child program. I was blown away by this awesome program. It is educational, fun, full of surprises, and one of the best times of our lives. It teaches not only my boys, but me too, to love the outdoors, the importance of taking care of the environment, to protect and preserve it. There is so much to learn outside, and it’s taught in such a fun way. We are proud to be a Jocassee Wild Child. Let’s go play outside!! Dana Turner

"My son, Jackson, loves Jocassee Wild Child! He is very much an outdoors kid already but
this program has helped him understand the importance of taking care of and appreciating the variety of plants, trees, animals and their habitats. He really enjoyed learning about the Native American history in the Jocassee Valley and about the Blue Ridge Mountains too - how old they are and what they are made of. Jackson’s brain is a sponge - he will soak up all the information, share it with his friends and tell them he is a Wild Child!" Mandi west

We had to reach out and let you know how thankful we are to you! We have not stopped chatting about our adventure today. People like you, who want to educate and help kids appreciate and protect our lands as they grow, are so vital to our futures & what we try to instill in our kids. Olivia asked if you will be our guide for the next tour (yes we absolutely are signing up for another!) She said she loved your energy & wants to continue to learn about Chief Attakullakulla. Zielinski Family


What the Teachers are saying:

"We are so grateful to have gone on several excursions with the Jocassee Wild Child program. Prior to the program we’d never imagine visiting a lake. Now my kids love the lake and exploring the grounds and scenery. It was also a great learning experience. Who knew there was so much history on Lake Jocassee? This is perfect as a homeschooling field trip for social science and just to generally have fun and learn about the local environment. We will definitely be returning!" DeAndra R.


What the kids are saying:

"Thank you Jocassee Wild Child team. The field trip was so fun and I learned a lot - A+! The waterfall was so cool and pretty. This was my first time being on a boat. I learned a about how Lake Jocassee became a lake and we played games that was so fun and learned about the mountains and plants. From Emily"

"The best field trip ever! Thank you so much for your hard work. I loved the games we played and that I got wet. The best was riding on the "mashien" boat. Love, Jacson"

"Thank you for making this trip happen. I was so happy to go to the waterfalls. They were so beautiful. And the water felt so good. I saw small fish and a spider and lots of birds. I like the games we played on the boat. from Yonatarn"

"Thank you for everything! We got to learn outside the school walls. We got to look at birds and waterfalls and we went to an island to eat and got to swim for a while. We got to learn about the old church. There were old graves too. Duke Energy made the lake and on the other side of the dam is Lake Keowee. Sincerely, Jamari"