I started Jocassee Lake Tours for the simplest of reasons. Love of place. Having found the most beautiful place I had ever seen, I wanted nothing more than to find a way to spend as many days as possible on the lake, buried deep in the Jocassee Gorges. Fortunately, I went through the Upstate Master Naturalist program the same year and began to learn just how extraordinary this place is. My motivation soon grew to include sharing this place of wonder with as many people as I could reach, realizing that people who love a place protect and care for that place. I have had a life-long concern for the quality of childhood education and studied at a graduate level both elementary level science and math education and philosophy of education.  Jocassee Lake Tours has been an environmental education enterprise from the start. Jocassee Wild allows us to become more directly involved in the environmental education of both youth and adults, a perfect culmination of years of hard and satisfying work.


I am co-owner of Jocassee Lake Tours with husband Brooks. I came to the Carolina mountains as a young person to attend school at Western Carolina University and fell in love with being outside. I worked hard all my adult life as a professional gardener and garden designer from the NC mountains to the Florida coast and back to the mountains of SC. For several years I wrote a weekly newspaper column on environmental and ecological challenges related to the so-called “green industry” in Florida. In 2012 I retired from gardening to join husband Brooks in expanding the reach of Jocassee Lake Tours. We offer students of all ages a wide range of nature studies by way of the perfect outdoor classroom, the Jocassee Gorges, accessible only by the blue avenue of Lake Jocassee.








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